There ae different types of marathons. Mostly, the difference is attributed to the distance covered. The most common marathons include;

1. 10km (6.21 miles)

6.21 miles is a fantastic goal run for people looking to start off distance running. Most people find running 6.21 miles an achievable goal with a few months of training. Additionally, even for seasoned runners, this is the best distance for training and benchmarking their performance.


2. Half Marathon 13.1 miles

A half a marathon is 13.1 miles; exactly half of a full marathon which is 26.2 miles. Running 13.1 miles is a goal for people who have already completed 10km raced and looking to a new challenge. While running half marathon for the first time, you may complete it in two or three hours.

Kenya RunMost people consider doing half marathon since it is not time consuming and exhausting like practicing for full marathon. Besides, half marathon races are fairly easy to find as most people across the country are popping up to participate in it.

3. Full marathon 42.2km

There is no short cut about, running for 26.2 miles is no mean task, and it requires preparation. If you ask any runner, they will tell you that their first marathon was a precious and significant event.


Crossing the finish line of a full marathon is something one has to be proud of. If you want to achieve it as a marathoner, you should dedicate 4-6 months for training otherwise you will crash and burn out if you are underprepared.

4. Ultra marathon

Ultra marathon is any race that is above 46.2 miles. Typically ranging from 50 to 100km and beyond. Most people have running a marathon as one of the items on their bucket list. The 26.2 daunting miles are just a demonstration of a physical prowess as well as well as mental fortitude.

If you are lucky to cross the finish line, then you officially join the 0.5% of the population who have set a goal, trained for it, and finally accomplished it. In the United States, there are close to 600 marathons held annually. However, in this guide, we discuss the top 3 best marathons in the USA.