The New York Times says, “There aren't many doctors like Ronald Myers, a jazz-playing, Baptist-preaching family practitioner whose dream has always been to practice medicine in the kind of place most other doctors wouldn't even stop for a tank of gas.”

A 1985 graduate of the Univerity of Wisconsin Medical School, Dr. Myers is a leading national advocate for health care to the poor and disenfranchised. In 1988, Dr. Myers completed his residency in Family Practice at L.S.U. Medical Center, Washington St. Tammany Charity Hospital, in Bogalusa, Louisiana.

In 1990, Rev. Dr. Myers became the first ordained and commissioned medical missionary to serve in America's poorest region, the Mississippi Delta, in the history of the African American church. Founder and Director of the Myers Foundation Christian Family Health Centers, Dr. Myers provided health care to the poorest Americans through clinics in Tchula, Belzoni, Yazoo City, Indianola, Greenville and Tupelo, Mississippi.

Presently, Dr. Myers serves as the Medical Director of the Wellness Clinic of Roland, in Roland Oklahoma. He received a Doctor of Eclesia from Phoenix University of Theology where he presently serves on the Board of Regents.

Dr. Myers is the leader of the campaign to make Juneteenth Independence Day a National Day of Observance, like Flag Day or Patriot Day. Founder & President of the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF) and the National Juneteenth Christian Leadership Council (NJCLC), his efforts have resulted in the recognition of Juneteenth as a state holiday or state holiday observance in 41 states, the District of Columbia and the passage of legislation in the U.S. Congress to recognize the "19th of June" as Juneteenth Independence Day in America. Dr. Myers also established the National Juneteenth Medical Commission to address the health care needs of African Americans.

Dr. Myers is the Founder of the National Day of Reconciliation and Healing From the Legacy of Enslavement, observed on the “18th of June", which includes the National Day of Remembrance of the Maafa in America and the National Juneteenth Black Holocaust Maafa Memorial Service, in Washington, DC. He is also the Founder of the World Day of Reconciliation and Healing from the Legacy of Enslavement, observed on the "20th of August", in Hampton, VA. Rev., Dr. Myers works with church leaders to apply the principals of "Biblical Reconciliation" to bring healing to the nation from the scars of enslavement.

As the Founder and President of the American Pain Institute (API), Dr. Myers lead two successful "America's In Pain!" -MARCH ON WASHINGTON - "Silent No More!", rallies in 2003 & 2004, demanding Congressional hearings on the pain crises in America.

An accomplished jazz musician, Dr. Myers serves as Artistic Director of the Mississippi Jazz and Heritage Festival and created the National Association of Juneteenth Jazz Presenters (NAJJP) to promote June is Juneteenth African American Legacy Month and "June is Black Music Month!" - CELEBRATING JUNETEENTH JAZZ - "Preserving our African American Jazz Legacy!". Dr. Myers also serves as the Founder and Director of the Fellowship of Creative Christian Jazz Musicians (FCCJM).

Dr. Myers and his wife, Sylvia are the proud parents of 5 children, 3 serving in the military, with multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dr. Myers has requested a meeting with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta in an effort to present him with a Junteenth Book and a Juneteenth Flag that many soldiers want to display on military bases across the country and around the world on Juneteenth Independence Day, the “19th of June”.

Dr. Myers wants you to know that he has lost over 80 lbs over the last several months in an effort to personally challenge all Americans to join in the fight against our greatest health care crises, consisting of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.


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