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Types of Shoes to Wear for Running Marathons

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

The shoe has excellent cushioning that overhauls the midsole and protects your feet. It can hold a lot of weight for long distances without compromising the quality. The longer you run on the shoe, the more responsive it becomes towards your feet. The shoe can last for long, and you can wear it for several marathons.

3. Adidas Ultraboost

It is ideal for long-distance marathons due to the bouncy foam on the innersole. It is super soft, comfortable, and lightweight. The outsole is made of breathable rubber.

2. Asics Gel

The advantage of this shoe is that it has a spacious toe box. It comes with different designs for one to choose from. It has soft cushioning and durable even for long distance marathons. The rubber outsole has a responsive cushioning and high abrasion levels.

Shorts You Need to Wear for Marathon Running

The best shorts for running should be short in length. They help expose your legs and release heat from your body, which keeps your body cool. They prevent moisture retention and prevent friction as you run. Additionally, wearing shorts of 7 inches long allows freedom of movement and enhances your speed.

The fabric of the shorts matters a lot. You should select a lightweight fabric such as nylon. The fabric should be moisture wicking to avoid friction. They should not be too tight or loose fitting to allow good circulation of blood as you run. When purchasing, you can try different shorts to find the ideal one for you.

The shorts should be light-colored. When running marathons, you need to be visible to other people, especially in the early mornings or late evenings. You should find a style that you like to keep you in style and motivated when running.


Boston Marathon

Arguably, Boston marathon is one of the famous marathons in the world; and the oldest in America. In order to qualify for this race, the 27,000 participants must meet certain set pace standards to run the 26.2 miles around the heart of Boston.

Qualifying for this race in itself is an accomplishment that many won’t forget. Although the Boston Athletic Association wants the race to be a challenging one, they don’t exclude non-elite runners. Additionally, Boston is tradition. Inspired in 1897, it’s one of the oldest consecutively held sporting event. If you’re looking for tradition, the you will find it on the road to Boston each spring.


Chicago Marathon

Chicago marathon is one of the best marathons you can possibly run. It is great for both elite and first time runners. The Chicago marathon course is stunning. With over 50,000 runners, and hundreds of spectators who come to cheer you up, the marathon is one of the 5 major world marathon majors with a pretty flat course.

When participating in this marathon, you get to soak yourself in the beauty of Chicago right from the grant Park to the University Village as it meanders through the Little and Old Town Triangle. Just like in any marathon, it is critical to focus on the early pace not to run too fast. In any case, the weather in Chicago is too unpredictable; thus, you need to check out on the weather trends even as you prepare to participate in this marathon.


New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon is one of the largest marathons in the world. The course provides a tour to all of the 5 boroughs from Brooklyn to the upper side. Additionally, the course marathon brings of about 50,000 runners.

Although hit by 9/11, the NYC marathon bounced back better than ever. If you secure a spot to participate in this marathon, you should expect millions of people to turn out and cheer you through the finish line. Besides, the city provides some scenery that brings back the good memories that you desire.

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